I have always wanted to get to know other countries and learn different languages and this has turned into a way of life, and even a mission. I like helping people from other countries, mainly from Northern Europe, who plan to move to Spain permanently or spend most of the year down here. I understand their worries, their lack of knowledge of how our country works, their feeling of insecurity because things in Spain are different from what they are in their native country but I do understand their dream and their wish to live or “own something” in the South of Spain. Perhaps I understand them better because I have lived in other countries. I have felt lost too and I have invariably learned to appreciate the other country when someone explained it to me, but also because I am fond of the city I live in, I love Malaga and the South of Spain, which is currently one of the best places to live in Europe.

My name is Nacho Mata and I was born on December 3, 1970 in Malaga. I am happily married to Esperanza and we have two incredible children, Nacho and Lola. I studied Economics and Business Administration at the University of Malaga and was able to fulfill my dream of living in other countries after completing my studies. I took the last University course in Holland and later went to Germany to work in Kassel and Hamburg. For family related reasons, I returned to Malaga and, although I never actually planned to live in Spain, I started working for a German company down here and, a few years later, for Deutsche Bank. It was my experience in banking that enabled me to meet foreign clients on the Costa del Sol; this made me learn and realise what the many Europeans coming to Spain require to buy the home of their dreams. In the year 2000, I started working as a self-employed professional within the family business, the Gómez Carrera consultancy firm. From 2004 onwards, I started getting plenty of Scandinavian clients, mainly Swedes. I learned Swedish and often travelled for business to Stockholm, a city I am utterly enamoured with; I moved there with my wife and children for one year in 2012. In addition to being a lawyer, Esperanza holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and attended the Konstfack, School of Fine Arts and Design, where she completed her studies. It was an unforgettableyear that enabled me to get to know Sweden, a country I am extremely fond of, more in depth as well as to strengthen professional and personal ties.

After our “Swedish year”, I set up our company Mata & Gomez Consulting (M&G Consulting) together with Esperanza for the purpose of providing consultancy services to foreign clients, mainly Scandinavian, planning to buy a home or start a business in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. We are not just a consultancy firm, as we put at the service of our clients, in addition to our professional experience, our genuine desire to help and be useful regarding anything they may need before and after buying a home in sunny Spain. As for “lending a hand” to each client, we like doing it differently, with dedication and a personal approach and, why not, even giving a special touch, including an artistic one so that you know you can count on friendly advisers in Spain.

Welcome to M&G Consulting!

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