The Costa del Sol has traditionally been a tourist destination, where many Europeans buy a second home in search of a warmer climate the whole year round.

In the last few years, the city of Malaga has turned into a vibrant city with excellent infrastructures. Malaga is no longer a mere transit airport city and has managed to revamp many of its monuments and recover quaint little places. The city currently boasts an impressive cultural off the capital of the province, makes it a city that is becoming increasingly attractive and is filled with opportunities for the millions of citizens from Northern Europe, who set their eyes on the south of Spain as a destination, as much for their holidays as for opening businesses or residing here for longer periods of time.

At M&G Consulting, we are happy to tell you about everything this city has to offer in the way of sightseeing, culture and business as well as about the possibilities of living in our sunny city in the South of Spain pervaded by a multicultural urban atmosphere. As we strongly believe in the potential of Malaga, we aim at building bridges between our city and Northern European countries.

M&G Consulting is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Spain and we are affiliated to the association of Spanish businessmen that led to the creation of the Spanish Embassy in Sweden. We collaborate with the press and media, as much the local ones as others that focus on the Swedish market on the Costa del Sol, such as Sydkusten.

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