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I have always wanted to get to know other countries and learn different languages and this has turned into a way of life, and even a mission. I like helping people from other countries, mainly from Northern Europe, who plan to move to Spain permanently or spend most of the year down here. I understand their worries, their lack of knowledge of how our country works, their feeling of insecurity because things in Spain are different from what they are in their native country but I do understand their dream and their wish to live or “own something” in the South of Spain. Perhaps I understand them better because I have lived in other countries. I have felt lost too and I have invariably learned to appreciate the other country when someone explained it to me, but also because I am fond of the city I live in, I love Malaga and the South of Spain, which is currently one of the best places to live in Europe. Read more




At M&G Consulting we can help all legal and tax related aspects:

  • Buying or selling a home in Spain
  • Setting up a Spanish company
  • Arrange mortgages
  • Help you arrange wills in Spain and deal with inheritance issues
  • Taxes in Spain
  • Tax deductions in Sweden for home improvements in Spain (Rot-avdrag)
  • Read more


The Costa del Sol has traditionally been a tourist destination, where many Europeans buy a second home in search of a warmer climate the whole year round.

In the last few years, the city of Malaga has turned into a vibrant city with excellent infrastructures. Malaga is no longer a mere transit airport city and has managed to revamp many of its monuments and recover quaint little places. The city currently boasts an impressive cultural offering, including world class museums. Furthermore, this merger between modernity and tradition together with the “nice and easy life” feeling thatpervadesthe capital of the province, makes it a city that is becoming increasingly attractive and is filled with opportunities for the millions of citizens from Northern Europe, who set their eyes on the south of Spain as a destination, as much for their holidays as for opening businesses or residing here for longer periods of time. Read more


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